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Product Features

Has scented capsules to refresh your mood!

The scent capsules on the inside open when they are tapped!

Silk touch filter contains real silk which makes it comfortable to wear!

Soft stretch ear loops are easy on your ears and comfortable for a long time!

Structure fits in all directions to prevent gaps!

Fits properly across the nose and cheeks.

Virus droplets cut filter® blocks thoroughly!

Prevents virus droplets and allergens from getting in.

Also gives you peace of mind for PM2.5.

How to use

Before use

Lightly tap the mask 2-3 times to open the scented microcapsules.

*By how strongly you tap the mask, you can adjust the strength of the scent.

If the scent becomes weak,

tap it again or lightly touch it with your finger to release the scent again.

Product information

Unicharm Cho-Kaiteki® Mask, Smooth Mint

Size Amount included
Medium 7 masks

Watch video

Video explains how to put on mask to minimalize ear pain from wearing a mask.