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Watch video

Video explains how you can use it every day, because of its super lightweight design and how it fits your face.

Experiences using the product

*You may not be able to view some models.

Product Features

Natural color you can use in all seasons

Product lineup now available in four colors!

Natural Beige, Ash Gray, Soufflé Pink, and Pearl White!

Super lightweight design

Super lightweight design, so it has lightweight comfortable feel.

3D space around the mouth

There is a space around the mouth to reduce the sense of pressure and make it easy to breathe.

Double-fit curve structure

The curved structure fits your face to reduce gaps!

Virus droplets cut filter® blocks thoroughly!

6-mm-wide slim soft ear loops won’t make your ears hurt

Product information

Unicharm Cho-Kaiteki® Mask SMART COLOR

Size Amount included
Medium 7 masks / 20 masks