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Product Features

The W-block effect creates a thorough barrier!

1. Exclusive shape that fits children's faces with no gaps!

2. Virus droplets cut filter®

3 ways that the mask fits your child’s face

Point 1

Shape that fits the height of your child’s nose

Point 2

Shape that fits the position of your child’s ears

Point 3

Shape that fits your child’s round chin

Soft stretch ear loops for a good continuous fit!

Space around the mouth makes it easy to breathe!

How to use

Look at the design (A), and check the top and bottom of the mask.

Open the mask from the arrow position in the image, and spread it horizontally.

Pull the mask's ear loops and put them over your ears.

These masks are for preschoolers and lower elementary school students, but the size is just a guideline, and individuals are different. So if it seems like the size is too small, use the Super 3D Mask (small size).

Product information

Unicharm Cho-Rittai® Mask for Kids

For preschoolers and lower elementary school students Amount included
White 5 masks / 20 masks
Pink 5 masks / 20 masks

Watch video

Video explains how to put on mask to minimalize ear pain from wearing a mask.